(Dispensation is a period of human history expressed in Divine Viewpoint.)


"Chronos" means chronological or time in its sequence of events. Dispen­sation of Israel has period of Patriarchs, Law, 5th Cycle of Discipline. Often translated "times" (1 Thess. 5:1).


"Kairos" means to take periods of time and break them up into ages.


"Oikonomos" means stewardship and is often translated Dispensations. It actually means administration.


"Aion" is also Dispensation and is translated Age. It is an era when God works through an organization.


I.  AGE OF THE GENTILES (Covers 2,000 years)


A. Outline: Genesis 1-11


1.       Positive Volition (Age of Innocence)

2.       Negative Volition (Consciences, or knowledge according to a norm or standard)

3.    Nationalism (Human government on earth)


B. Characteristics


1.       Everyone spoke one language

2.       There was one race on earth (They didn't get along either)

3.       Scope — From Adam to Babel

4.       No canon of Scripture — Revelation but not in written form

5.       Satan attacked the Four Divine Institutions

a.    Attack on Positive Volition, Genesis 3

b.    Attack on Marriage and Family, Genesis 6 (Angelic Infiltration)

c.     Attack on Nationalism, Genesis 11:1-9

6.    No Missionaries (Noah was great preacher but only one)

7.    Salvation: Faith in Christ


II. AGE OF JEWS — Old Testament and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (except chapters 13-17 incl.)


A. Outline: Abraham to Second Advent minus Church Age


1.       Patriarchs (Abraham to Moses)

2.       Age of Law (Moses to Christ)
     — 2000-year gap

3.       Tribulation (Daniel's 70th week)


B. Characteristics


1.    Many languages — Nations were separated

2.    Many races

3.    Missionaries to give gospel to people speaking other-languages

4.    God picked special nation (Israel) as Missionary Base. Founder: Abraham. Gentile who became Jew through Regeneration). Missionary base-must be characterized by security. (Four covenants with-eternal life clauses)

5.    Since you have Missionary Base, there must be discipline-for-failure. Leviticus 26-(Babylonian captivity and the Romans’ capture of Jerusalem are examples of discipline)

6.    Scope — From Abraham to Second Advent, minus Church Age

7.    Salvation: Through faith in the Lord Jesus" Christ

8.    Spirituality: faith-rest


III.   CHURCH AGE (Pentecost to Rapture)


A. Outline


1.       Pre-Canon Period (Apostolic Age, Covered in Book of Acts; concluded at writing of Revelation)

2.       Post-Canon Period (New Testament Epistles; 96 A.D. to Rapture)


B. Characteristics


1.       Positional Truth or Union with Christ. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship

2.       Jesus Christ indwells every believer since Pentecost (for fellowship)

3.       Holy Spirit indwells every believer (function). Only a few were indwelt for a short time in Old Testament times

4.       Universal Priesthood of Believer. Never has God given so much power and meaning to a believer. Every believer an ambassador (full-time Christian service)

5.       Completed canon of Scripture

6.       A supernatural way of life — There is nothing we can do in the flesh which counts with God

7.       Filling of Holy Spirit is the means of this supernatural way of life

8.       Salvation: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ




A. Outline


1.       Second Advent of Jesus Christ

2.       Baptism of Fire — Separation of Believers and Unbelievers

3.       Establishment of perfect environment on earth. This is to show that environment is never man's problem

4.       Second Advent of Satan, Revelation 20:3.   At end of Millennium, Satan will be released and will find people in same state as Adam and Eve

5.       Satan heads Unbelievers' Revolt

6.       Revolt is put down and earth will be destroyed

7.       Last Judgment (Great White Throne)


B. Characteristics


1.    No religion on earth until end of this dispensation — just Christianity

2.    Greatest period of spirituality ever known on earth

3.    Israel will be restored as a Nation. They have been dispersed till now

4.   Universalism as it is not known today. When Christ reigns, Internationalism will be legitimate as Christ is sole ruler (world peace results)

5.    Radical changes found in nature:

a.    Plant life will abound. 

b.    Animals will lose their ferocity

6.    Unbelievers are removed from earth at beginning of Millennium. Earth will be populated and by half-way through this Age, Unbelievers will populate the earth in a perfect environment and they still won’t believe

7.    Life will be extended on earth, capital punishment will be very limited; perfect justice by a perfect Judge.

8.    Salvation: By faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Old Testament sacrifices resumed.