Look up to the harvest for it is ripe for reaping...
Only one life till soon be past only what's done in Christ will last...

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“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose!” Jim Elliot
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What are we here for, to have a good time with Christians or to save sinners? - Malla Moe

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The Revival Hymn

The Revival Hymn.mp3                                                                                                    

Hells best kept secret                                                                                                    

How to find God's will for your life                                                                                   

True and False Conversion                                                                                              

Messages by Ray Comfort

The Holy Spirit - the Path to Power and usefullness                                                   

Marks of a Spirit Filled Church part 1    

Marks of a Spirit Filled Church part 2

What does it mean to accept Christ part 1

What does it mean to accept Christ part 2

Who is the Holy Spirit and How can we know Him?

God’s Great Promise to His Church

What difference does the Holy Spirit make?

The Signs of Pentecost Today

The Holy Spirit - Let Him Come In

The Deeper Life part 2

The Ecumenical Movement

The Godhead of the Eternal Son                    

He by Himself purged our sins

Hearing is a Divine Art

The Holy Spirit - WHY some can’t receive Him

Miracles that Follow the Plough     

Relating to Relevant Authority


Messages by  A.W. Tozer

Die onvergeeflike sonde (Afrikaans)                                                                          

Messages by Ds Louw Pienaar  (Afrikaans)

Die via dolorosa  (Afrikaans)                                                                                     

Courage 1                                                                                                            

Messages by Jan Boshoff

Die genade van God  (Afrikaans)                                                                              

Evangelism Basics part 2                                                                                        

How does God speak today?                                                                                  

As die koringkorrel (Afrikaans)                                                                                

The Revival Hymn Video

Jesus and Evangelism                                                                                                    

Messages by Pastor Bill Randles

Why do you call Me Good?                                                                                       

An Impotent Man Lifted Up  (John 5)                                                                             

Born From Above  (John 3)                                                                                              

Two Signs and their meaning  (John 2)                                                                            

The Testimony of John  (John 1)                                                                                      

The Bread of Life  (John 6)                                                                                            

That Prophet  (John 6)                                                                                                   

God is Seeking True Worshippers  (John 4)                                                               

Jesus the Logos of God  (John 1)                                                                                    

Messages are uploaded on a regular basis

Phillip preaches Christ                                                                                                 

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Messages on the Spiritual Life (Series for young Christians)

3. The Spiritual Life - Access to God                                                                             

6. The Spiritual Life - Opposition to Spiritual Life                                                           

2. The Spiritual Life - Seeking God                                                                             

4. The Spiritual Life - The Body of Christ                                                                   

1. The Spiritual Life - The Word                                                                                      

5. The Spiritual Life - Witness for Jesus                                                                     

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5.51 MB

5.50 MB

4.71 MB

5.00 MB

5.02 MB

7.55 MB

2.68 MB

7.28 MB

8.61 MB

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8.63 MB

Messages by Ds Leon Redelinghuys  (Afrikaans)

Kan God die mens van alle sonde verlos  (Afrikaans)                                                    

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Messages by  Paul Washer

Persecution or Great Awakening      (Audio)                                                              

A Few Sighs from Hell      

The Gospel for outcasts       

Judgment Day

David Wilkerson speak on Benny Hinn

George street D Smethurst.mp3                                    


Miscellaneous Messages by Various Speakers

John Bunyan

David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson

D Smethurst.



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Persecution or a Great Awakening    (wmv Video)                                                            

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MP3 Downloads

Alpha Courses                                                           

Prophets 3                                                     

Prophets 2                                                          

Manifest Sons of God 2                                                       

Prophets 1                                                          

Manifest Sons of God 1                                                        

God’s Sovereignty                                                         

8 Short Messages by Bill Randles on the Last Days

13.6 MB

6.00 MB

13.5 MB

13.6 MB

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6.54 MB

7.15 MB

Naboth a type of the Christian Life                                                                              

15.3 MB

The Vision of God must be restored                                                                          

8.70 MB

Godliness and World Rebellion - Psalm 1-2                                                                                              

3.98 MB

Godly Sorrow or Depression                                                                                              

3.39 MB

The Dream of the Great Tree                                                                                               

4.70 MB

Jesus on the Law                                                                                                      

3.70 MB

Love Your Enemy                                                                                                         

5.80 MB

Salt and Light                                                                                                         

3.46 MB

The Beatitudes                                                                                                      

6.63 MB

The Need for Discernment                                                                                        

5.12 MB

True and False Righteousness                                                                                              

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(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

True and False Treasure                                                                             

4.72 MB

True Spirituality                                                                             

4.59 MB

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

(Sermon on the Mount series)   

When you Pray                                                                                            

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(Sermon on the Mount series)   

Latest Uploads:


The Vision of God must be restored (Jan Boshoff)

Naboth a type of the Christian Life (Jan Boshoff)

Godliness and World Rebellion - Psalm 1-2 pastor Bill Randles  

Two Ways - pastor Bill Randles

The Trees in the Garden - pastor Bill Randles

In the Beginning God Made - pastor Bill Radles

The Fall of Man - pastor Bill Randles

The Days of Noah - pastor Bill Randles


A.W. Tozer


2 In the Potter’s Hands

3 The Holy Spirit

4 The Holy Spirit

5 The Holy Spirit

6 The Holy Spirit

Choices, Deeds and Consequences

The Voice of Conscience

The Voice of God’s Love

The Voice of Jesus Blood

The Voice of Reason

The Voice of the Lost

The Voice of the Soul

The Voice of the Spirit








The Prosperity Gospel - watch this Video:

Text about Money and the Prosperity Gospel  - How Biblical is it?                                                          

Beware of  the New Prophets   (Listen to - to Download right click mouse - “save target as”)                                                 

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Listen to Messages


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Pastor Bill Randles


Blood of Christ

Gnosticism part 1

Gnosticism part 2

A God Centered and a man centered gospel

A parable on wisdom and folly part 1

A parable on wisdom and folly part 2

Attributes of God

Heart of the gospel (short)

Marriage and Divorce

Mathew 24 Part 1

Mathew 24 Part 2


Reality of the final judgement


Spiritual Warfare

Ten Commandments

The parable of the labourers

Why do you call me good

Will Worship



What about Christian Psychology - Dave Hunt

Questions and Answers - Dave Hunt

Occult invasion in the church - Dave Hunt









A should Listen To

George street